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Our services to the employers

Resume screening

We pre screen the resumes we receive from the candidates to see if the minimum criteria set by you as the employer has been met.

Job interview

We also do a job interview right after the resume checking to see the candidate and make sure everything is legitimate

We Train Future employees

We are completely involved in the training process. We introduce resources to the candidates and follow up that to make sure they have they have the right skills

Applying for LMIA

For businesses who don’t have LMIA for their job positions we apply for that from the scratch till we get the LMIA.

Apply for LMIA

Our services to our candidates

Resume writing

We help the candidates to write a proper standard resume so that they can transfer the professional information about themselves to the employer

Mock job interview

We organize a mock job interview to lower down the candidates’ stress level and also make them prepared for the real job interview.


We help the candidates to get through the training to make sure they have the right skills.



How do we help employers?

What services do we provide for job seekers?

Employees, Employers, HOOK your match here


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